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Contoh Discussion Text Singkat After High School

Contoh discussion text yang merupakan jenis teks yang akan anda pelajari saat mendapatkan pelajaran bahasa inggris ini akan menjadi sesuatu yang wajib. Mulai dari pengertian apa itu discussion text atau teks discussion sampai harus mencari berbagai contoh discussion text dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Contoh discussion text in english

Memang pelajaran bahasa inggris tidak terlalu beda dengan bahasa indonesia untuk materinya, sama dengan jenis teks yang harus dipelajari. Untuk itu, materi contoh discussion text yang akan saya berikan berjudul "After High School" langsung akan memberikan anda pengarahan bagaimana seharusnya contoh teks ini bekerja.
Contoh discussion text terbaru singkat pendek bahasa inggris example sample of teks discussion in english bahasa inggris after high school materi pendidikan

Contoh discussion text After High School

Going to college or getting a job right after graduating high school is the common choices of teens will likely face. Some likely choose to continue studying at college or university but the others try to find job. Here are the reasons.
Why is it so important for student to continue on to post-secondary education; university or college? The reason is that post-secondary education will allow them to get the skills and tools that they will need to help them prepare for a good career. It has been said that the more education they have the more careers will be open for them to choose from. Employers today will tend to be more open to a person with the more education.

However some of them choose to get job right after high school. They believe that education is critical but college is not. In fact, there are numerous careers, such as in healthcare, technology, operations, transportation, and the building trades, that do not require a four-year degree from college or university. Furthermore, as they advance in these careers, there is also nothing stopping them from pursing a college degree at a later age.

So, what are you doing after graduating high school? Think carefully!
Masih banyak teks-teks yang harus anda pelajari karena banyak sekali yang akan merumitkan pikiran anda jika anda tidak belajar sungguh-sungguh. Semoga bermanfaat dari contoh discussion text ini sampai teks lainnya seperti contoh narrative text atau descriptive text.
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